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     Freshwater Fishing Licence Cost
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Enviado por Hilo
Enviado el: 6/6/2018 6:23
Registrado: 4/6/2018
Desde: Adger
Mensajes: 8
Freshwater Fishing Licence Cost

This is a cut and copy of a email I sent to the local NZ Fish & Game chairman in my local area.
I was wondering if any fellow fisherman have comment?I have just received the renewal notice for my fishing license. I have bought a license nearly annually since 1986 and perhaps fly-fish a few times a season. Even with this small usage of my license I felt strongly about supporting the freshwater fishery thru my annual fees. Unfortunately, I can no longer support what seem a usury pricing scheme by Fish and Game New Zealand.In support of this opinion I checked briefly license cost elsewhere in the world. In Alberta, Canada $11 for a resident: In Pennsylvania, USA $21.70 annual resident plus $10 trout stamp: California, USA: $844 Lifetime License ages 10-39 Alaska, USA $24 annual resident: United Kingdom (England) 27(pounds) non migratory fish license. (I personally bought a license in the Czech Republic to fish for Pike for $12.)
Further I have just renewed my gun license with the NZ Police at a cost of $124 for 10 years, which everyone would concede is a much more costly and labor intensive vetting procedure. Also I like to point out that at the current exchange rate it cost less for a US citizen to buy a annual license in their currency than for me as a NZ citizen to purchase the same here in New Zealand.In closing, I am sure nothing will be done to rectify this state of affairs. I can only shake my head in the shortsightedness of Fish & Game NZ by increasing the risk of unlicensed poaching: Excluding many anglers and their families from passing on the simple joys of the outdoors and skills and respect of our fishery to the next generation: The overall increased revenue loss across the whole industry by lack of accessibility to a wider range of prospective anglers. And sadly, the relentless march of exclusiveness of a basic Kiwi pastime by prohibitive costs.

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