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     Basic Fishing Supplies
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Enviado por Hilo
Enviado el: 17/7/2018 11:45
Registrado: 4/6/2018
Desde: Adger
Mensajes: 8
Basic Fishing Supplies

I will be taking a big trip to Isle Royale in mid-June. I will be doing a circumnavigation of the entire island, with a few interior lakes here and there. I'm hoping to catch some fish on the interior lakes, mainly just anything i can eat. I've fished before, but mainly just Bass, Perch, and Bluegill in a few lakes in Wisconsin. I've really only ever used a Bobber and a little bit of bait. I know live bait is banned form the island (artificial bait is OK?) so what would be the basic necessities that i need to catch a decent fish to eat on the inner lakes? I'll be mostly in Siskiwit Lake.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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