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Vista jerárquica | Antiguos primero Tema anterior | Próximo tema | Abajo
Enviado por Hilo
Enviado el: 23/5/2018 7:25
Registrado: 14/5/2018
Desde: California
Mensajes: 5

My understanding is that they are allowed to work here under the same system that a tour guide is, in that they are payed in there homeland and come here escorting the tourists around, so aren't payed in this country. Fairly common in the general tourism world.
I have to say though that i do find it baffling that people would want to come to our country and prefer to be guided by a person from their own country rather than a local and learn a bit about the amazing country they are in? Maybe this says a bit about the mindset of the people that sign up for these "fishing tours"??
Chris Dore is a bloody brilliant local guide and he put an article together recently about how to be a good guide and one of the important bits as he put it was to be knowledgeable about all the details of the area we live in and some of the history as clients will often want to get to learn a bit about the area they are fishing, not just catch fish. Wise words indeed!

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Thank you
Vista jerárquica | Antiguos primero Tema anterior | Próximo tema |

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