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     the problem of overcrowded waters
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Enviado por Hilo
Enviado el: 25/5/2018 5:42
Registrado: 14/5/2018
Desde: California
Mensajes: 5
the problem of overcrowded waters

I plead not guilty to any of the offences mentioned, but fear consequences will follow anyway.
We have a different but also worrying situation on the Highland West Coast of Scotland. Our small spate rivers were never overcrowded with legal fly fishers. First there were the poachers' "wee nets" right across rivers and in approaches. Then the sea fisheries took a terrible toll. Finally the salmon farm cages in the sea lochs are polluting areas through which wild fish return and smolts go to sea. Parasitic sea lice and other infections thrive in the intensively stocked cages and spread to wild stocks. Result, sea trout (sea run browns) are virtually extinct and wild salmon are in terminal decline. Action taken in the last few years....most rivers have 100% catch and release imposed. Anything done about the root causes of the decline? Nothing, some commercial interests are too powerful to be touched.
Not really comparable to what is happening in NZ, but perhaps the (willful) failure to identify and effectively deal with the root causes has some parallels.
Fortunately we still have some remote brown trout (relatively small ones!) fishing virtually untouched. Happy to extend the same courtesies to visitors as those I have experienced in NZ.

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 » the problem of overcrowded waters MichaelSmith 25/5/2018 5:42

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